School Governors


Chair of Governors: Mr D Francis
Vice Chair: Mr N Lewis
Clerk to the Governors: Director for Children and Schools

The full list of Governors is as follows:-
Mr D Francis Community Representative
Mr A Williams Head Teacher
Cllr H George L.E.A.
Cllr A Brinn L.E.A.

Mr D Evans L.E.A.
Mr A Carey Community Representative
Mrs P Hogg Community Representative
Mrs D Bush Community Representative
Mrs J Gurney Parent
Mr N Lewis Parent
Mrs N Carey Parent
Mrs A Kavanagh Parent

Mr G O’Leary    Parent
Mrs R Brown Staff Representative
Mrs H Golding Deputy Head Teacher
Mr S Jenkins Teacher Representative


The implementation of the Education Reform Act and the advent of Local Management of Schools (LMS) has brought increasing responsibility to the Governing Body. They undertake, in conjunction with the Head Teacher, the effective management of the school in all its aspects. These include ensuring:

1. That the school budget is effectively controlled in accordance with sound financial principles related to educational objectives and priorities.

2. That the school buildings and land are maintained to ensure the safety of the children in congenial surroundings.

3. That the school curriculum is broad and balanced, meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and that standards are maintained.

4. That the staffing of the school meets the needs of the children and the curriculum and that appropriate appointments and promotions are made.

5. That the law on religious education and collective worship is complied with.

6. That the parents have regular access to information about the curriculum and pupils’ achievements.

General meetings of the whole Governing Body take place once per term with meetings of each of the sub committees occurring in the weeks preceding these. The annual meeting of the Governing Body with parents (A.G.P.M.) usually but not exclusively takes place in the school hall during the autumn term.

We aim to encourage the development of children in all areas of their lives by providing a caring atmosphere in which all children are aware that they matter and are valued for the contribution they can make to school, to each other and to society, regardless of their race, gender, ability or language.