Assessment & Reporting

A written report of the child’s progress is given to parents in the Summer Term with parents being invited in to discuss the report. Parents’ meetings are also arranged for the Autumn and Spring Term.

Children’s progress is monitored by their teachers throughout the year and reports are based on this Teacher Assessment.

In addition to the above, teachers can be available to discuss children’s progress, should parents so wish. It is advisable to make an appointment rather than be disappointed if teachers are not available due to meetings, courses, etc.

Parents with anxieties about their child’s educational, behavioural or physical development are invited to discuss any problems with the class teacher and/or Head Teacher.

Most difficulties can be dealt with within the school. A child in need of even greater help can be referred to the LEA’s Education Psychologist for assessment. Parents will always be consulted in advance about such arrangements.

We employ a large number of Teaching Assistants, working usually in classroom situations helping small groups and/or individual children. For certain activities children are withdrawn from the classroom. All assistants work under the Head Teacher, ALNCO (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator) and the class teacher following the school’s policy for ALN, and with the needs of each individual child in mind.