Additional Learning Needs

If the school feels that your child is having difficulty making expected progress with

  • Learning skills
  • Communication skills
  • Behaviour, emotional or social skills

we will provide support to aid your child’s progress. Your child is then said to be at the School Action stage of the Special Needs Code of Practice. Your child may have additional programmes noted on their Individual Educational Plan (IEP), which will be reviewed termly.

If your child continues to require outside professional agency support or advice over a long period in order to meet individual needs, then the school, together with other professionals and yourselves will meet to look at long-term targets. Your child will then be said to be at the School Action Plus stage of the Code of Practice.

If children continue to have significant problems, we will look to the authority for advice which could require a formal assessment that may lead to a Statement of Educational Need.

All pupils are given an equal opportunity to access the curriculum and experience the range of opportunities on offer to them at school.


The term ‘More Able and Talented’ encompasses approximately 20% of the school population and is used to describe pupils who require enriched and extended opportunities across the curriculum. The top 2% may be considered to be exceptionally able. Ability and talent may be shown in many different ways including academic, creative, music and in sports.

We provide an environment in which all children are encouraged and supported to achieve their maximum potential. We recognise and identify children that are able or talented and require enriched and extended opportunities across the curriculum in order to develop their abilities in one or more areas. This may be through the informal and formal curriculum. We have a MAT co-ordinator who oversees the monitoring, evaluating and provision for identified pupils. We provide staff training so that all staff become aware of the best practice and new initiatives in the needs of such pupils, including the provision of additional resources.

If your child has been identified at being more able and talented, you will be informed so that we can work in partnership to ensure your child reaches their full potential.